Infant Development Program

Designed for children birth to 3 years who are delayed or may be at risk for delay in their development, or have an identified condition requiring extra support.

The infant Development Program is a home-based program designed to assist families in encouraging their child's development.


THE PROGRAM IS FOR any child, from birth to three years of age who:

  • Is delayed in his/her development
  • May be at risk for delay in their development
  • Has an identified condition requiring extra support.

THE PROGRAM PROVIDES an opportunity for your child to:

  • Become more independent
  • Discover his/her abilities
  • Learn new skills.

PROVIDES an opportunity for you as a parent to:

  • Learn methods to help your child's progress
  • Learn more about your child
  • Meet other parents
  • Discuss parenting issues.


An infant Development consultant, who is a trained professional, will come and work with you in your home on a regular basis. All areas of development are considered (i.e. motor skills, language, social, play and learning skills, etc) We also offer the loan of toys and books concerning child development and parenting issues.


A parent, physician, public health nurse or other community agencies.

Participation in the program is voluntary.

If other services are needed, the Infant Development Consultant can help refer to the appropriate resource (i.e hearing, speech, physiotherapy and occupational therapy).

All services are free of charge.

Funded by: Ministry of Children and Family Development

For more information, please contact the CDS Manager by calling 250-752 -6766 - ext. 106

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