Physiotherapy Services

Includes assessment, treatment and consultation for children who are delayed or at risk for delay in their development, or have an identified condition.


The Early Intervention Physiotherapy Services:

  • Offers services that include assessment, treatment, and consultation for children birth to school entry (5 years).
  • Is family centered and may be provided in the home and/or preschool or daycare.
  • Is part of the Early Intervention Team available to assist you with concerns about your child.
  • Brings knowledge of the development of movement to this team.
  • Has particular interest in your child's physical abilities such as rolling, crawling, sitting, walking, climbing, and jumping.
  • Provide families with strategies to help develop muscle control and encourage independent movement.

A referral may come from the family or, with parental consent, from physicians, therapists, infant development consultants, public health nurses, or other community agencies.

For more information, please contact the CDS Manager by calling 250-752 -6766 - ext. 106

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