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Complaints Process


FRA shall provide persons served with written procedures of a formal mechanism for expressing and resolving complaints. These procedures shall include an appeal process, provide for timely resolution and require a written response to the aggrieved that includes documentation of the response in the case record.

Reason for Policy:

  • To enable persons served to express concerns and complaints.
  • To enable FRA to protect persons served from any inappropriate service delivery.
  • To protect staff from unfounded allegations by ensuring that complaints are adequately addressed and documented.
  • To promote Best Practice when delivering service.


When orientating a new person served, the FRA service provider will inform the individual about the complaints process contained in the Consent to Receive Service Form. The service provider will also inform the individual that the information may be shared according to the Confidentiality Policy.

A person served making a complaint has the right to be accompanied by a support person or advocate at any time during the complaint process.

All correspondence related to a complaint, including the documents from the person served or his representative and responses from FRA, shall be included in the person served’s case record.

Persons served have the right to contact a staff member directly to make a complaint.

Persons served have the right to inform staff members that they would like to make a complaint to the FRA Executive Director. If a person served informs a staff member that he or she would like to make a complaint to the Executive Director, the staff member then has a responsibility to explain that the person served can make the complaint by:

  • Contacting the Executive Director directly in person or by telephone.
  • Giving the staff member a sealed, written complaint that the staff member then has the responsibility to deliver sealed to the Executive Director.
  • Having the staff member set up a meeting between the person served and the Executive Director.

Persons served have the right to contact the FRA Executive Director directly to make a complaint. Persons served have the right to have the name and phone number of the FRA

Executive Director.

  • When informed of a person served’s desire to meet, the Executive Director shall contact the person served and set a meeting date as soon as possible. The Executive Director shall also arrange for transportation for the person served to the meeting if necessary.

When a person served’s complaint has been lodged with the Executive Director, the Executive Director shall assess the complaint with the staff member involved.

If the complaint may lead to disciplinary action, the Executive Director shall inform the FRA staff member of their right to have a Union representative present at all meetings.

The Executive Director or designate shall seek to resolve issues raised in the complaint through informal or formal mediation involving the person served and staff member. The Executive Director shall provide a person served with a written response to a complaint within five working days.

If a person served is not satisfied with the response from the Executive Director, he or she has the right to appeal to the FRA Board of Directors.

The written response from the Executive Director shall include information on these rights, including:

  • The right to appeal to the FRA Board of Directors;
  • The name and contact information of the Chair of the Board of Directors;
  • Options for contacting the Chair of the board, including:

1) Contacting the Chairperson directly by telephone.

2) Writing to the Chairperson c/o FRA.

3) Having the Executive Director arrange a meeting with the Chairperson.

The Board of Directors or its designate shall investigate the complaint, undertake any appropriate mediation among the parties involved, and provide a written response to the person served within ten working days of having received the complaint.

Persons served by FRA have the right to lodge complaints at any time with the

  • Provincial Child, Youth and Family Advocate (1-800-476-3933) or
  • The Provincial Ombudsperson (1-800-567-3247).

Persons served have the right to know their options for contacting the Advocate or Ombudsperson.