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Annual Report 2010-2011


Annual Report 2011

Board of Directors



John Medd Marlene Coram Jennifer Hubbard



Joanne Simister (2010) Christine Longhurst (2011)







Management Team




Deborah Joyce      Executive Director



Barb Burns      Human  Resources Manager



Bookkeeper John Soer

Accounting  Firm Gary Ruffle Ltd.

Meet Our Team






  Allison Murray

Barb Burns    Jessica Burns

Barb Gottfried

Carol Gregson

Carol Redl    Carolyn Trites

Cori Brown

Debbie Stuart      Donna Jager    Gabrielle Madigan     Gay-Lynn Farkas

Jena Finetti    John Soer    Jordan Gail    Julie Snowden,    Kobe Sturton Lana Smallwood    Liz Lawless     Megan Milne      Mia James Lewis Michelle Empey      Michelle Hodgson    Ramona Passarello

Sarah Dunderdale    Sarah Ross     Shirley-Ann Royer     Susan Johnson

Deborah Joyce










School District No 69

Town ofQualicum

Regional District of Nanaimo

City of Parksville Haven Society YoungLife


Building  Learning Together

Qualicum  Sunrise Rotary

Quality Foods

Qualicum Seniors

St. Stephens Church

Ministry of Children Youth & Families

Ministry of Public Safety Discovery Programs CareerCentre

Vancouver Island Health Authority

The Hand


Child & Youth Mental Health

Qualicum First Nation Thrifty Foods Multicultural  Society Knox United Church

Executive Director's Annual Report


I am pleased to report that this has been a fantastic  year for FRA.   So many  things  have come together  as  a result of hard work and cooperation within the organization  and with our funding partners.


One of our  most gratifying accomplishments this year was achieving our three year accreditation with CARF.  We worked long and hard  to make  this happen.   There  was a point when  all our efforts started  to click together and staff and management began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.    The  icing on  the cake was receiving glowing  praise from  the site  survey  team  who described our workplace as EXCEPTIONAL!


We also  had  a number of strategic goals that were separate from our quest  for accreditation  but worked  in tandem with our accreditation  preparation.  One of these was the objective  to become paperless with our client files and we have accomplished  this strategic goal which we described in our strategic plan as "our green goal". The main component for going paperless  with our client files is our  data information system, Nucleus.   This  program was installed  in February 2009 and during  the past year we finally had enough  data to make the system viable as a management  tool and as a leadership reporting tool.  All staff are now comfortable  with our database.  We added an Assessment & Referral Counsellor  in January  2011  and this has proven  to be one of the  most helpful steps that we have taken to improve our client intake systems.


Another  strategic goal this year was to connect  with the City of Parksville  and we have had the opportunity to meet with the Acting Mayor  and establish a relationship.   The Acting  Mayor  has attended  our CAl proposal planning. I have been invited to attend a City Council meeting to make a presentation a bout FRA and I intend to do this in the early fall of 2011.


Once  again   the  Town  of  Qualicum  has  supported FRA  by reducing  the  leasing  cost  for  our Qualicum location  to a minimal amount.    I  met  regu larly with the Mayor  of  Qualicum  Beach throughout the year to discuss our on-going  role in the community, especially our youth services. The support from the town is very much val ued by our Board and our staff team.


We renewed our lease for our Parksville  location  for three years.  Prior to agreeing to remain in our  Morison location,  we negotiated  some  much needed  renovations  with  the  landlord.    He readily agreed  to make the changes that we needed  and those renovations  are almost completed. The  building is now a safe and presentable location  for our clients and for our staff.   FRA has a commitment to both staff and clients to offer  our services in safe and professional facilities.  We are very pleased  with the result and the building looks great.


We continued to serve 50 lunches per week  to youth in Qualicum.   We have a good  pattnership with KSS.   The staff and students assist with  the preparation  of the food as well as providing  an approved  kitchen   for  food  prep.    Our  Community Suppott  Worker  oversees  the process  and distributes the  food.   Although  most  of the kids  who partake are from  KSS the  word  is out to some youth  who do not attend school but who do need food during the week.


We received a new contract  this year from  MCFD  to deliver services  to Children  & Youth w ith Special  Needs.   We implemented  the program in January  2011 and the Ministry  is very  happy with the quality  of the program.

Our Child Development Services were expanded  in the past year.   We added a much needed Speech & Language Pathologist to address a large waitlist in the community.  We also added a position to our Infant Development Consultant program and this allowed us to increase the hours for the CDS Coordinator and formalize that role in our organization. This has produced excellent results.   We are also on track with our Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist  positions. After lengthy vacancies in both disciplines, we have a full compliment of staff.   In addition we have been contracting with other PT's  and OT's  in our community to ensure the best possible services for children who need immediate attention.   I am quite proud of what we have accomplished in our Child Development Centre.


We have achieved stability in all of our programs through some strategic additions of positions or the increase of service hours.  This has minimized the inevitable changes in personnel.  Although we regretfully lost some of our staffers this year, we have been able to transition quite smoothly.


We  increased our funding this year which  was an accomplishment in a climate where many organizations  were experiencing deep  cuts.   We anticipate that we will  remain stable in the coming fiscal year when we enter another three contract tenn beginning April l, 2011.


Once again this year we hosted our annual Family Christmas Open House.  It was an even bigger success than the first year and we plan to continue with this tradition.


We had many wonderful youth events this year and it seems that we are finally breaking through to the kids in the community.  We offered girls hockey, floor hockey, soccer, a successful youth week in partnership with other youth agencies.  Our KidVid program got some attention as a fun activity with a therapeutic bonus.  The youth centre is open and offers a movie night as well as arts and crafts.  We had a great donation of a 50" TV this year to go with the slate pool table that we got last year. We are vety appreciative of all the suppmt that we get from the community.


Our labour relations has approved considerably.  There was some talk of Strike by CUPE and we were able to support our staff


through some uncertain times.  As well, our CQI community has been very active in supporting our organizational goals for


continuous attention to quality service. The CQI Committee plays a valuable role in developing a healthy workplace as does the



Health & Safety Committee that ensures that we have a safe workplace.


We continue to have strong involvement in the Federation of Community Social Services.  This is a  good connection for FRA

and has helped us to get a global perspective on what is happening with contracted services across the province.  The

 Federation is growing substantially and we are benefiting greatly from this association.


As  the  Executive  Director  of  FRA,  I  had  many  opportumttes this  year  to  com1ect in  the community  and in the province.  I think we represent the very best of what a contracted agency can be because we have the strongest commitment to our clients and our staff.  Every decision we make as an organization is to improve our ability to serve the community.   I congratulate our Board of Directors and all of the District 69 Family Resource Association staff for their excellent contribution to our success.













We have  audited the accompanying financial  statements of District 69 Family Resource Association, which comprise the  combined statement  of financial  position  as at March 31, 2011, and  the combined  statement of  revenue  and expenditures and surplus, combined statement  of net assets and combined statement  of cash flows for the year then ended,  and a swnmary of significant accounting  policies and other explanatory info1mation.


Management's Responsibility for the Financial  Statements


Management is responsible for the preparation  of these financial statements in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for  not-for-profit  organizations  and  for  such internal control  as  management  determines is necessary  to enable the preparation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.


Auditor's Responsibility


Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standards.  Those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement.


An audit  involves  performing procedures  to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditor's judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether  due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal  control relevant  to the  entity's  preparation  of  the financial  statements  in order to design  audit procedures  that  are  appropriate  in  the  circumstances,   but  not  for  the  purpose  of  expressing  an  opinion  on  the effectiveness of  the entity's internal  control.  An  audit also includes  evaluating  the  appropriateness of  accounting policies   used  and  the  reasonableness  of  accounting   estimates  made  by  management,  as  well as  evaluating  the presentation of the financial statements.


We  believe  that  the audit evidence  we have  obtained  is sufficient and appropriate  to provide a basis for our audit opinion.




In our opinion,  the combined financial statements of District 69 Family Resource Association for the year ended March

31, 2011  are  prepared, in all material respects,  in accordance with Canadian  accounting  standards for not-for-profit


GARY RUFFLE LTD. Chartered Accountants


August  8, 2011

Nanaimo, B.C.




Condensed  Balance Sheet





2011             2010


Current  Assets                                                                                                           #1          $338,533    $164,539

Investments                                                                                                                                 188,811                                                                                                                                                       186,477

Capital Assets                                                                                                            #2               59,285                                                                                                                                       88,075


$586,629    $439,091





Current Liabilities                                                                                                      #3             $89,503                                                                                                                                       $87,044

Deferred  Revenue                                                                                                          (A)        72,268                                                                                                                                             73,362

Fund Balances

Investment in capital assets                                                                                 #2                59,285                                                                                                                                   88,075

Unrestricted                                                                                                            #1             365,573                                                                                                                                   190,610


$586,629    $439,091



Condensed  Statement of Revenues and Expenditures


Revenue  - including net program surpluses                                                    #4        $617,860    $548,930


Administrative  expenses                                                                                          #5             471,687                                                                                                                                       448,065


Excess (Deficiency) of revenue over expenses                                               #1          $146,173    $100,865



Statement  of Changes in Externally Restricted  Fund Balances (Deferred Revenue)


Fund balance at the beginning of the period

Amount recognized as program revenue in the period

Amount of program revenue related to subsequent periods

$73,362    $182,819 (128,260)    (178,754)


127,166         69,297


Fund balance at the end of the period                                                                      (A)      $72,268                                                                                                                                              $73,362




See attached sheet for "Note" information.

Source information  is from the audited financial statements to March 31, 2011. Audited Financial  Statements are available upon request.