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Pregnant and New Moms Need to Look After Their Health

These days I seem to be surrounded by pregnant women or new moms. It is just the kind of thing that gets my maternal instinct stirred up.

Pregnancy can be such a special time but it can also mean a time of stress and anxiety. For some, it is the natural worry that the baby will be healthy and happy and that the delivery will go according to plan. For others there can be financial stressors, family pressures, or concerns about employment either current or future prospects.

The increase in hormones can trigger a more fragile emotional state than is normal for that individual. Pregnant women quite often comment that they are crying at the drop of hat.

These extra hormones can also cause what is commonly known as morning sickness, although the word "morning" is a misnomer. Nausea can happen any time during the day and through the night and it can happen anywhere.

Interestingly, only four women in 1,000 suffer from ongoing episodes of nausea. It is thought that those who do have even higher hormone levels in their system than the norm.

We always speak about the glow of pregnancy but I have met more than one woman who does not like being pregnant. It can be uncomfortable and some woman have more symptoms than others. Disliking being pregnant does not make you a bad mother! We are all different and we handle things in our own way.

It is absolutely imperative that a pregnant woman see her doctor as soon as possible and continue to do so on a regular basis. The doctor will prescribe supplements that are essential for a changing body and a growing baby. Eating healthy food is also critical. As they say, you are eating for two. Expectant mothers need to get information about nutritious foods. The Health Unit in Parksville is a good place to start.

The whole world will revolve around the new baby. That is a good thing but it also takes a toll on mom. It is very important for a new mom to take care of herself. Lack of sleep is a big challenge for new parents, especially moms whose bodies are healing from nine months of profound body change, not to mention delivering a baby weighing a minimum of six-plus pounds.

And of course, everyone you know wants to see the baby so they will visit you... some of them will visit a lot. That also takes energy. Setting up a user friendly schedule and distributing it to friends and family can help with managing the visitor overload.

Remember that it is not unusual for new mothers to become overwhelmed and irritable. Having some help is a good thing if it can be arranged.

Pregnancy is a regular event in life but that doesn't mean that we automatically know everything about it. Take the time to find out what you can do to ensure good health for you and your baby.